The Reason Texas Roadhouse's Steak Seasoning Tastes So Good - Chowhound (2024)

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The Reason Texas Roadhouse's Steak Seasoning Tastes So Good - Chowhound (1)

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Ever since the first Texas Roadhouse opened in 1993, this national steakhouse chain has become a mainstream dining destination for anyone craving a nice cut of meat paired with some rustic ambiance. With 580 locations in the United States and 22 international locations, Texas Roadhouse has established itself as one of the country's most beloved steakhouses. This wouldn't be the case if they didn't deliver the goods.


Each Texas Roadhouse employs a professional meat cutter onsite, and while they are responsible for ensuring each ribeye, sirloin, and porterhouse is sliced to perfection, the grill is where the magic happens. For the most part, Texas Roadhouse serves consistently tasty steaks that combine a crispy grilled finish with the steaks' own rich, natural flavor. As it's been slinging steaks for over 20 years, the Texas Roadhouse team has developed its own signature steak seasoning which is available for purchase for your own grilling needs.

So what's in this magical brew? Unicorn tears? Dragon scales? The real answer might surprise you — especially since you've likely got these stalwart ingredients in your pantry already.


Breaking down the bottle

The Reason Texas Roadhouse's Steak Seasoning Tastes So Good - Chowhound (2)

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The predominant ingredients in Texas Roadhouse steak seasoning are sugar and salt, surprisingly enough. There are a few other bits and bobs that we'll talk about later. For now, let's stick to that unlikely combo of savory and sweet.


Human beings have a funny relationship with their food cravings, and our cravings for sweet and salty flavors have some strong connections to our brain. From an evolutionary perspective, humans crave sweet foods because our brains know they will supply us with the quick bursts of energy needed to hunt, run away from predators, and build shelter.

We crave salty food because sodium is an essential nutrient to our diets, and our bodies will prompt us to eat more of it when our internal stores are running low. Combining salty and sweet not only satisfies both cravings, but it also provides a complementary flavor enhancement when added to rich foods like a thick, juicy steak.

In addition to sugar and salt, Texas Roadhouse steak seasoning contains dehydrated garlic and onion to impart some savory aromatics to the grilling process, paprika for smokiness, turmeric for depth, and MSG (monosodium glutamate) to tickle the umami taste buds on your tongue. When you break it all down, you've got a cleverly designed combo that does a little something for each of your taste buds.


Why this makes steak taste great

The Reason Texas Roadhouse's Steak Seasoning Tastes So Good - Chowhound (3)

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The tried and true ingredients within the Texas Roadhouse steak seasoning are industry standards for a reason. Steakhouses that seek to make their entrees stand out are always looking for preparation methods that give them the most bang for their buck, and this relatively economical blend is a great example.


Texas Roadhouse steak seasoning works because salt brings the steak's natural flavors to the surface and helps them caramelize in the grilling process; a bit of added sugar only helps this process along while adding a contrasting flavor to the mix. Aromatics like garlic and onion further enhance the steak's flavor, while the monosodium glutamate provides the deep umami flavor that we're craving in our savory dishes.

While it's surprising that such a great and consistent flavor comes from a combination of relatively simple ingredients, the team at Texas Roadhouse has taught all home cooks a valuable lesson about grilling their own steaks: Ditch the fancy marinades and trendy preparation methods, and stick with what works. When it comes to cooking, sometimes the oldest methods are the most effective.



The Reason Texas Roadhouse's Steak Seasoning Tastes So Good - Chowhound (2024)


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