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  • Tony Stark the Hero of Olympus

    12.1K 288 4

    this is a crossover of Percy Jackson and the Avengers. What would happen if Percy changed his name and took his mortal grandfathers last name Stark?

  • No Choice

    57.7K 896 20

    Percy, after becoming a god and being dumped, can say he's had a rocky life. One of the upsides though, is that he's made a few friends. One of his more unlikely friends is none other than the virgin hunter goddess herself, Artemis. After an arranged marriage is decided on by the council, Percy and Artemis have to lea...


  • A New Beginning

    895K 17.8K 21

    Percy knelt before three of the gods. His hair was messy and his skin pale. His eyes were red rimmed and puffy and his cheeks tear stained. "Percy? What are you doing here so late?" Lady Hera asked. "I have a request." Percy said in a croaky voice. "Anything for the saviour of Olympus." Lady Hestia replied immediat...


  • A Favor

    147K 2.2K 10

    When Wonder Woman kidnaps Percy from his night in, what will happen? How will Percy find himself on the Team? Will Percy reveal who he is to his teammates? Will he inadvertently reveal who his betrothed is? How will Wonder Woman take it? Why is this description all questions? (Warning: This is Pertemis. Why? Because I...

  • The Silhouette

    375K 4.5K 30

    Percy Jackson Fanfic obviously. No Percabeth, only PerTemis and PerDite and PerThena then a little twist. I do not own PJO and HOO, all rights reserved for Uncle Rick. Percy Jackson, Son of Poseidon. A name many recognise be it awe or fear. A hero of Olympus, the bane of titans and giants, slayer of many monsters. But...

  • Pertemis: Amnesia boy

    702K 11.3K 39

    ***REWRITTEN JUNE 2021*** Percy was Artemis' guardian. They were best friends, but they never got the chance to tell each other how they truly felt before Percy died in the war. Centuries after his death he was given a second chance to live. But he has to start from the very beginning. He will be reborn and have no kn...

  • DownPour

    149K 1.8K 29

    Percy's sudden disappearance was a surprise. His sudden reappearance was even weirder. After four years gone, he mysteriously shows up at camp with this strange feel to him that's different than ever. And what's this strange connection he seems to have to the goddess Artemis? Book two of the Five Seasons Quintet. Can...


  • Percy Jackson: God of Time. Pertemis

    149K 1.6K 21

    Pertemis... Percy Jackson is the son of Poseidon and Amphitrite. He meets a beautiful goddess in the Olypian meeting and becomes an Olympian. After 5 years, Percy is a director of a camp hidden from the gods and Camp Half-Blood. Artemis has a hunt called 'Hunters of Artemis'. What happens when Artemis meets her friend...


  • The Hesperides' Adoration (Percy Jackson Fanfiction)

    519K 9.8K 16

    Artemis?! Zoe?! Perseus Jackson, what is going on with your life right now? This spells trouble for everyone. A little bit of a different plot line I suppose. Read if you want, ignore if you don't. Tantalizingly amazing...nah. I can't say that. Depends on the reader, not the writer. Disclaimer: Rick Riordan owns PJO/H...


  • Child of the Abyss Walker and the Hunt

    29.6K 442 7

    Y/N L/N is the son of Artorias and Artemis. After defeating his father consumed by the abyss and the father of the abyss Manus he is transported to Earth where his mother is a goddess and learns of this only after meeting each other for the first time in 16 years.

  • Perseus- The Lost God

    161K 2.9K 18

    An alternate universe, where Percy is the firstborn of Kronos and Rhea. He leaves Olympus after finding out his wife wasn't loyal to him. The Titan Lord is rising;will Perseus return to aid his siblings? Zeus is not a dick. PercyXmulti


  • When the Moon Got Amnesia

    30.7K 448 15

    Both Artemis and Percy were attacked, and put together. Captured by a Giant. Unfortunately, Artemis acquired amnesia, and Percy needs to protect her from everything. What if there was a prophecy to mess up their relationship? [Percy/Artemis]

    Completed Mature

  • The Seventh Child

    20.5K 337 13

    THIS STORY IS WRITTEN IN A ALTERNATE UNIVERSE. (There is a sequel) The Seventh Child of Kronos and Rhea, hidden from all his siblings for three millennia. And now he's been discovered, Zeus threatened to kill the God endangering Artemis in the process. Perseus claimed Artemis to be in his protection, making Zeus unabl...

    Completed Mature

  • Meeting the Moon at war

    106K 1.9K 29

    Cursed by Kronos, Percy must find a way to travel back to his time and escape the dangers of the past. Along the way he would find a certain auburn haired goddess, before the whole man hating had begun. Will he be able to get back to the his time? Or will he perish at the hands of evil?

  • Son Of Lady Chaos And Lover Of Artemis

    25.9K 251 7

    This will not be the tipical gaurdian/son of chaos story.


  • The Daughter of the Assassin and the Huntress

    37.2K 555 12

    Annabeth breaks up with Percy and he gets wasted that same night. 9 months later he gets a little surprise.


  • Venom: Lethal Protector

    66.5K 974 18

    Sentenced to Tartarus for the murder of Octavian, Percy finds an unexpected ally. But maybe it causes as many problems as it fixes.


  • Son of Thunder

    64.1K 1K 15

    Perseus Jackson is the son of Thor and Sif who is sent to midgard as a child because Ragnarok was falsely started. He ends up in the care of a clear sighted mortal named Sally Jackson. At the age of five, a Valkyrie is sent to train him. When he is fourteen, he has a vision of his father Thor to find the remains of hi...

  • silver and green : seem to stick

    59.4K 823 9

    Artemis has been instructed to go to school. Her hunters are to stay at camp for the year. Artemis goes to Goode. Percy is to go back to his high school. He will stay with his mum for the year. And he will meet his favourite Goddess at school. Two weeks before Percy goes back to school he and Annabeth break up. This i...


  • Millenia old husband

    24.2K 197 4

    When Artemis was hunting one day, she encounters a lost god. How will she cope with it? How will Apollo take it? And most importantly, why did he disappear in the first place? I will 100% finish this story at one point


    541K 5.9K 24

    Percy, betrayed by who he thought was his soul mate, takes a daring act and swears himself by the oldest Primordial. Now, he has to deal with the consequences, both good and bad. Eventually Percy/Artemis. All credit goes to starblade176 (the original author of this story) and Rick Riordan.


  • My true colors

    21.3K 454 15

    Artemis is scarred after a tragic event took the life of her mother. Having to take care of both her and Apollo from such a young age, she only wanted to avenge the death of her loved one. Percy is orphaned after someone took his mom's life. His life consisted on staying alive for as long as possible. When the two me...

  • Broken and Battered, My Love [Pertemis Story]

    153K 1.2K 21

    "From maiden's vows a weary soul resides, to Olympus it shall rise, a hero's broken soul must submit, in order to end his battered rift, heartache must not prevail, for in the end it will end with maiden's veil, through crossroads the two souls must choose, and make sure that the pit will lose." *~*~*~*~*~*~* ...


  • Ode to my love

    56.2K 705 19

    Mortal AU Artemis is a 16-year old girl on a music-focused highschool. She, along with her twin brother Apollo, are the top musicians. Even with her high reputation, she is still unhappy with all her decisions. Then came Percy Jackson, the boy who changed the perspective of her life. Short summary, original idea. Str...


  • Won't Say I'm in Love [Pertemis]

    661K 8.9K 32

    When Percy Jackson joins the hunt, Artemis feels a spark she's never felt before. It isn't long before she pinpoints this feeling: the curse of Aphrodite. Having sworn maidenhood, Artemis is not allowed to have Percy Jackson. Pining over the now immortalized god, she wonders if she'll eternally feel so strung out ove...

  • Legends Never Die

    1.4M 21.6K 41

    When Perseus Jackson is abandoned by the camp he knew as home, he disappears. A few years later, tales of dangerously strong monsters dying sees Artemis on a new mission to hunt down whomever is responsible for the sudden slaying of these beasts. Zeus wants to know if it's friend or foe. What will the Goddess of the H...


  • Percy Jackson || The Curse Of Kronos

    646K 11.6K 32

    (COMPLETED) Under editing "Ah.... it's me Lady Artemis, Percy? You know, that guy who held up the sky for you so that you can kick Atlas' ass? That guy?" "What are you talking about, boy? I have never held up the sky or even seen you in my life." 'Wait what? How can she not remember that? How can anyone not remember t...


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