Palia Recipes List - All Meals And Locations (2024)

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Here's every Palia recipe so far, which we'll keep up to date whenever the game adds new ones.

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Palia was officially released in December 2023 after several months in open beta and now Steam players can finally dive into its massive world complete with many Palia recipes. This free-to-play game combines elements of open-world MMOs and quaint farming sims like Stardew Valley or Animal Crossing, and it has a large assortment of activities for players such as fishing, gardening, foraging, mining, hunting, insect-catching, furniture-making, and cooking.

To bring to life the many Palia recipes, players must obtain ingredients by fishing, hunting, foraging, and gardening, and then they can combine those ingredients to cook and increase their Cooking Level. Here's everything you need to know about Palia recipes and cooking.

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Palia recipes and cooking

Recipes can be found via transactions with a character named Reth, fishing in certain areas with different types of bait, completing Friendship Quests, and more. Even after obtaining the recipe itself, you will still need specific types and quantities of ingredients cook it.

After cooking these dishes, you can eat, gift, or sell them for coins. Cooking is also tied into completing weekly challenges that will reward Cooking Medals which may be traded at the Cooking Guild Store for special prizes.

Below, you can find our recipe list for Palia with details on recipe locations, qualifications to obtain recipes, and the number of ingredients to cook up a storm in your new life. What will be on Palia's menu today?


How/Where To Obtain RecipeIngredients

Akwinduu Chapaa

This will be found at the abandoned camp around Statue Garden in Bahari Bay by completing the Lost in the Wind Quest.Butter (x1), Any Mushroom (x1), Wild Garlic (x1), Spice Sprouts (x1), Potato (x1), Chapaa Meat (x1)

Apple Pie

This will be found in Delaila's room after reaching Level 3 Friendship with Delaila.Apple (x3), Butter (x1), Wheat (x1), Sweet Leaf (x1), Spice Sprouts (x1)

Bacon-Stuffed Mushrooms

This will be found at Daiya's Family Farm in the kitchen.

Butter (x1), Any Mushroom (x1), Spice Sprouts (x1), Tomato (x1), Any Meat (x1)

BouillabaisseThis will be found by completing the Freshwater Bundle potion of the Vault of Waves Quest.

Any Bass (x1), Onion (x1), Oyster Meat (x1), Spice Sprouts (x1), Potato (x1), Wheat (x1)

Celebration CakeCan be bought from Reth with Cooking Level 9.

Sweet Leaf (x4), Blueberries (x1), Butter (x4), Egg (x3), Milk (x1), Any Jam (x3), Flour (x3)

Chapaa MasalaCan be bought from Reth.Butter (x1), Wild Garlic (x1), Spice Sprouts (x2), Tomato (x1), Chapaa Meat (x1), Heat Root (x1), Milk (x1), Dari Cloves (x1)
Cream of Mushroom SoupThis will be found inside Hekla's Tent after reaching Friendship Level 4 with Hekla.

Onion (x1), Any Mushroom (x1), Wild Garlic (x1), Spice Sprouts (x1), Potato (x1), Milk (x1)

Cream of Tomato SoupThis will be found in Reth's storage room after reaching Friendship Level 3 with Reth through the Piece of Cake Quest.

Milk (x1), Onion (x1), Wheat (x1), Spice Sprouts (x1), Tomato (x1)

Creamy Carrot SoupThis will be found after completing the Manners, Manners Friendship Quest from Caleri, being rewarded the Library Card from the quest's completion, and the recipe is located on the upper shelf of the study nook in the Library.

Carrot (x1), Wild Garlic (x1), Spice Sprouts (x1), Potato (x1)

Fish StewThis will be found through fishing in Bahari Bay by using a Worm.Any Fish (x1), Any Spice (x1), Wild Garlic (x1)
Fisherman's BrewCan be bought from Einar after reaching Fishing Level 5.Emerald Carpet Moss (x1), Crystal Lake Lotus (x1)
Grilled FishThrough the mail from Reth after completing the Cooking 101 Quest.Any Fish (x2)
Grilled MeatThrough the mail from Reth after completing the Cooking 101 Quest.Any Meat (x2)
Grilled MushroomThrough the mail from Reth after completing the Cooking 101 Quest.Any Mushroom (x3)
Grilled OysterThrough the mail from Reth after completing the Cooking 101 Quest.Oyster Meat (x3)
Hearty Vegetable SoupCan be bought from Reth after reaching Cooking Level 2.Any Vegetable (x1), Any Spice (x1), Any Mushroom (x1)
Loaded Potato SoupWill be found inside Hodari and Najuma's house at Bahari Bay on the kitchen table.Any Meat (x1), Butter (x1), Wild Garlic (x1), Onion (x1), Potato (x1)
MacaronWill be obtained through The Great Human Bake-Off Quest.Sweet Leaf (x1), Egg (x1), Milk (x1), Flour (x1)
Meaty Stir FryCan be bought from Reth after reaching Cooking Level 5.Cooking Oil (x1), Any Meat (x1), Wild Garlic (x1), Any Vegetable (x1), Rice (x1)
Palian Onion SoupWill be found in Fisherman's Lagoon around the docks of Einar's Fishing Shack. Obtaining this first scrap will begin the Half Boiled Quest and the recipe is rewarded upon the quest's completion.Onion (x1), Flour (x1), Wild Garlic (1x)
RamenCan be bought from Reth after reaching Cooking Level 3.Any Mushroom (x1), Wheat (x1), Egg (x1), Wild Garlic (x1)
SashimiThis will be found through fishing in Bahari Bay by using a Worm.Spice Sprouts (x1), Any Fish (x1), Rice (x1)
Sernuk Noodle StewWill be found on the window sill in Ashura's room by reaching Level 3 Friendship with Ashura through the Capable Courier Quest.Spice Sprouts (x1), Sernuk Meat (x1), Wheat (x1), Onion (x1), Carrot (x1)
Steak Dinner

Can be bought from Reth after reaching Cooking Level 4.

Wheat (x1), Any Meat (x1), Butter (x1), Spice Sprouts (x1)
SushiThis will be found through fishing from Ponds by using a Glow Worm.Any Fish (x1), Heat Root (x1), Dari Cloves (x1), Vinegar (x1), Rice (x1), Sweet Leaf (x1)
Trout DinnerThis will be found in Einar's Cave after reaching Friendship Level 3 with Einar.Any Spice (x1), Any Trout (x1), Potato (x1), Wild Garlic (x1)
Veggie Fried RiceCan bought from Reth after reaching Cooking Level 7.Egg (x1), Onion (x1), Cooking Oil (x1), Wild Garlic (x1), Rice (x1), Carrot (x1)

As more Palia recipes are added over time, we'll update this guide to ensure it's your one-stop shop for the culinary life in Palia.

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Palia Recipes List - All Meals And Locations (2024)


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